10 Findom Sites for Financial Dominatrix to Find A Paypig

Financial domination (findom) is a BDSM subculture that puts a unique twist on the sub/dom dynamic. The submissive person (usually a male) is called a paypig, while the dominant, (usually a female) is called a findomme or mistress, takes a controlling role over their finances.

This usually involves the paypig giving them money to dominate them in some way, such as being humiliated into buying them something. Sometimes seeing someone spend their money in front of them is a huge turn on!

It's a lot of fun for everyone involved. Paypigs enjoy the fetish of having their money spent by a beautiful woman while also being dominated, and the domme gets the arousal of being in complete control - while also getting paid for it!

Finding a paypig is easier said than done though. Most findom dynamics are built up over time, as it involves a lot of trust, just like with most aspects of BDSM. Thankfully, there are lots of great findom dating sites where paypigs are looking for their perfect findomme!

Let's take a closer look at 10 of the best findom sites for finding a paypig!

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    BDSMdatingonly is a popular femdom dating site that caters to all BDSM subcultures, including financial domination. Memberships are available for reasonable prices, meaning more money to spend on mistresses and findommes!

    There are a lot of active users on this site, including plenty of paypigs. Some of these are new to the scene, which is great if you are also starting out as a mistress for the first time. Users are friendly and courteous, while also being incredibly generous, which is good news for any aspiring mistresses out there!

    Of course, you need good features to enjoy your findom activities, and BDSMdatingonly delivers on this front. There are live chat features, which is great for roleplaying as a findomme, while the live broadcast is a great way to treat your paypig to a live show of you spending their cash!

    A simple user interface makes it easy to navigate the site and its features, allowing you to search through the many paypig profiles to find the right match. While there is a monthly fee, expect to make that back in no time from a paypig.

    Also, because the site offers reduced membership fees for paypigs, most users have more money to spend on their domme!

    Website Types: Findom/BDSM Dating Site

    Monthly Visitors: 1.3 million +
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    SugarDaddyMeet is a popular findom dating site that matches young financial dommes with older, wealthy paypigs. An older paypig typically has a lot of disposable income, meaning you can expect to earn a lot of cash with the right sub.

    The site is easy to use, taking a few minutes to register a profile. You can set all your personal preferences, making it easy to find a paypig that matches your own tastes.

    This could be someone giving you tribute gifts or a total power exchange, with all popular findom dynamics found here.

    The site has a robust background check in place, verifying accounts by matching them to social media platforms, ensuring there are no time wasters or fake profiles. This guarantees users are reliable paypigs that are going to spend their money on you!

    Matches are based on personal interest, both in terms of findom dynamics and outside of the fetish. For example, if you love travelling then you'll find paypigs that also love travelling, possibly even buying you a nice holiday somewhere!

    Website Types: Sugar Daddy/Baby Site

    Monthly Visitors: 1.1 million +
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    AshleyMadison is an online dating website that made its name pairing people that are seeking extra-marital fun. The site now caters to a wide range of people, including singles and couples, and those interested in kink fun like findom.

    One of the big selling points on AshleyMadison is the huge number of hot female users seeking wealthy men. Because male users need to pay for their membership, many of them are sugar daddies and paypigs with money to burn, and this is great news for anyone interested in findom.

    Because so many of the male users on AshleyMadison have a lot of disposable income and various kinks and fetishes, it's easy to find a paypig ready to shower you with tributes. This includes both cash, gifts, and anything else you'd like as a domme!

    Additionally, the site puts a huge emphasis on privacy, with all members being anonymous so that they can have fun without getting caught. This means more paypigs are using the site because they get to enjoy their fetish in complete privacy.

    AshleyMadison's popularity also means it has strong security, lots of users to browse, and an intuitive user-interface.

    Website Types: Mutually Beneficial Arrangement Site

    Monthly Visitors: 2.3 million +
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    A long-established findom website, Findom.com has a thriving community of dommes and paypigs. The site is free to use, meaning a lot of members have joined up to check out the scene, making it a good place to snag your first paypig.

    While free to use, the site does use a token system. This involves paypigs buying site tokens, which are then given as tributes and gifts to mistresses. You can withdraw these tokens for cash, with a small amount going to the site as commission.

    One especially interesting feature on this site is their three main forms of payment. This includes standard paypig payments like a gift or tribute, which are one-off payments/gifts that go to the domme.

    The third is called a tithe, which is basically an on-going payment received anytime a paypig is paid. This means you could earn a whopping 10% of a paypigs regular wage!

    These types of paydays are hard to come by and will require a strong relationship with your paypig, so it's well worth trying out Findom.com to see if you can find someone like this.

    Website Types: Findom Site

    Monthly Visitors: 700,000 +
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    This site has a growing number of users, making it a good place to try and find a paypig. Registration is quick, easy, and 100% free, helping to attract a good number of paypigs, both experienced and inexperienced.

    With a two trial period, there are many subs that come and go from the site. Long-term paypigs are a good source of income for any mistress, while newer paypigs are often very generous due to their excitement of exploring the fetish for the first time.

    Both have their advantages, so it's a good place for any financial dommes that want to find a paypig to start offering them tributes and gifts.

    In terms of features, it has all the usual stuff you'd expect from kink dating sites. This includes chat features, forums, along with live cam shows and blog posts for mistresses. The blogs and cam shows are great ways to advertise yourself as a mistress to help attract new paypigs.

    A one-off fee is charged for cam verification, after which you are free to host live broadcasts. Lots of paypigs love seeing their dommes spend their money in real time - you can use cam shows to broadcast you spending your paypigs cash!

    Website Types: Findom Site

    Monthly Visitors: 800,000 +
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    Findomme is a network of websites that provide secure platforms for paypigs and findommes to explore their fetishes together. All profiles are fully verified, ensuring no time wasters or fakes.

    The sites are especially good for financial dominants, providing many features to help make big earnings from paypigs. For instance, there is a feature for funding trips, letting paypigs cover travel and accommodation costs for traveling.

    You can also provide billing for regularly scheduled payments from your paypigs, private phone numbers for live convos, and even custom websites with plug-ins. This means you can develop a range of tools to seriously increase your income from paypigs in a safe and secure way.

    Furthermore, there is a virtual sessions tool for creating a live experience with your paypig, so all bases are covered.

    Findomme is an excellent website for developing your findomme persona. Packed with lots of useful features, the platform gives you everything you need for successful financial dominance.

    You'll find no shortage of paypigs here, who appreciate the verification process and strong security features, not to mention all the cool tools for worshipping dommes.

    Website Types: Directory/Community

    Monthly Visitors: 50,000 +
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    AdoptABrat is a findom dating site that brings together brats and guardians, a unique twist on the findomme and sub dynamic.

    Here, younger dommes take the role of a brat that is adopted by a guardian (i.e. the paypig). This is an on-going relationship where the sub gives their brat regular payments to finance their lifestyle, all while receiving updates via text, photo, video etc.

    Brats set up a user profile showing a few photos and a quick intro video. Guardians then choose to adopt or foster the brat, giving them regular payments for all kinds of things.

    It is a good idea to set your brat type as a financial dominatrix on your profile, as there are many other types of brats using the site. This ensures that you find paypigs seeking financial domination, rather than other types of brat and sugar daddy roles.

    The site does offer lots of custom tags and filters for your profile, making it easy to establish yourself as a financially dominant brat.

    So, if you set up a suitable profile, expect to find plenty of paypigs contacting you to offer tributes and gifts. You set up various tags to make it clear what type of financial domination you are offering to paypigs, making it easy to find the right type of paypig.

    The site has lots of good features for brats, including detailed profiles and the ability to communicate via video, text, and call, all of which can be used to financially dominate your sub!

    Website Types: Sugar Daddy/Brat Site

    Monthly Visitors: 900,000 +
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    LocalFindom uses the less is more approach to their findom website. Simply create a username and sign up with an email and you are ready to explore the various chat rooms.

    It works more like a personal website than a traditional dating site, with various local listings based on country and region. Simply create a profile and start searching the listings, with various paypigs around the world regularly using the site. Some regions have more users than others, with the USA being one of the largest communities on the site.

    The fact that the website is free to use does mean there are usually lots of paypig profiles, so you should be able to find a few candidates here.

    Of course, as it's a free site there are going to be some fake profiles, although this is typically more common amongst the financial domme accounts rather than the subs.

    This means if you put some time into chatting with any paypig profiles you find, there is a good chance of starting a findom dynamic with someone.

    While there aren't many features like video chat or live cam shows, you can chat with users and are free to request most payment types, allowing for direct transfers using things like PayPal and other cash apps.

    On this website you're keeping all the money you earn from paypigs, as there are no fees or commission to pay, like with other sites.

    Website Types: Local List

    Monthly Visitors: 30,000 +
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    CasualStar is a UK-based findom site that is free to use, boasting a sizable user base of mostly British paypigs.

    If you want to keep 100% of your findom earnings, then be sure to check out CasualStar. This findom site lets female dommes keep all their earnings made from the website, meaning more money from any paypig you find!

    There is a nice range of features to help you make money from your sub, including selling images, videos, and other content. This means you could sell videos of yourself spending their money, trying on clothes you've bought with their cash, or dominating them into giving up financial control over text.

    You can send free messages to paypigs, which is a great way to start your findom roleplaying, with no limits on daily messages. As a result of there being unlimited messaging, there are lots of paypigs using the site, including long-term paypigs and people curious to explore the fetish.

    CasualStar also offers secure payment methods using all the most common payment systems, including PayPal, making it easy to get paid from your subs!

    Website Types: Findom Services

    Monthly Visitors: 1 million +
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    Duno takes a social media approach to their findom platform. On this site you set up a user profile, with the goal to get followers from paypigs using the site, just like on social media sites.

    You can use this profile to advertise your findom services, with any paypig able to leave their thoughts on your posts. For instance, you could post a photo of yourself seeking a submissive paypig, and anyone interested can message you.

    This is best done using the various forums on the site, which function like a Facebook or Twitter homepage. Here you'll find various categories of findom to explore, such as a fashion forum where you'll find paypigs that want to buy you expensive clothes or sexy lingerie.

    As a female domme, your profile appears on the active user page, so any visiting paypigs should find you easily enough. You can also improve ranking by verifying your profile and having more followers.

    Basically, the more active you are one the site the better established you become, making it easier to find good paypigs that will shower you with gifts and money.

    Website Types: Forum

    Monthly Visitors: 300,000 +