How to Find A Cash Pig to Give You Money without Asking

The world of financial domination is huge with all sorts of different levels of domination. Just about anyone who is interested can get a start. That being said, most people, including Findoms, have a hard time finding a cash pig or paypig at first. Today we are going to help you find your next cash pig with this guide.

Find A Cash Pig

Where to Find a Cash Pig?

Professional Findom Sites

A number of findom sites are out there specifically designed to help connect professional Findoms with cash pigs. These are often the first place to turn when looking for a cash pig because serious cash pigs will turn to these in order to find a professional Dominatrix. Serious clients are always the best option as they are most likely to offer what you are looking for.

Stick to the most popular professional Findom sites in order to make sure you aren't wasting your time and getting the most out of all of the effort you put into setting up your profile and interacting with users.

Cam Sites

Webcam sites are another place that a lot of cash pigs go to find Findoms. Members on these sites can view models' cameras and interact with them so it is a great place to get cash pigs who are going to be returning customers. Many of these sites have their own tipping/payment system and it is a great idea to learn about these before getting involved so you know how much you are getting and the rules around taking other payments.

Cam sites often require you to spend a lot of time online. You can hop on whenever you want and earn some money and interact with others. That being said, you tend to get the most repeat users if you appear at a regular time or at least let your users know in advance when you will be on.


OnlyFans is one of the most popular sites for adult content right now, especially since they entered headlines recently with their temporary decision to block adult content. Setting up an account on the site allows you to earn money just from having fans who pay to see your content. In addition to that, you can do individual content for users that they pay extra for. You can get a somewhat passive income while having cash pigs.

In order to make the most money on OnlyFans you will need to release content regularly. Daily photos or at least photos every few days will help to attract users. Making videos and other content will further bring users in.

It is important that you also interact with the users on OnlyFans. Respond when they comment and respond when they message you. This helps to show them you are dedicated to your cash pigs and your job.

Social Media

Social media wasn't originally designed as a place to find cash pigs but it has become a wonderful tool for the job. You can search for users who have keyword cash pig or paypig in their profile and also groups for both paypigs and Findom.

Posting regular content on social media accounts you make specifically for Findom will also help attract cash pigs to you so you have less work to do.

You can use just about any social media platform to start finding cash pigs. They all have their own advantages and that is why we recommend using multiple platforms.

Here are some of the best social media platforms to get followers and find cash pigs:

  • - Twitter
  • - Instagram
  • - TikTok

Responding to comments and likes on these platforms will help to show users that you are an active Dominatrix.

BDSM Hookup Sites

BDSM hookup sites were designed for people to just find hookup partners but people with all kinds of sexual interests have turned to them. These sites are discrete, have all of the features you need to find a cash pig or any other submissive. Using these sites will often mean that you have to put some work in to find matches and filter out potential matches.

A lot of different bdsm hookup sites exist, make sure that you find ones that are not scams and have plenty of users. Here are three popular BDSM hookup sites you can try:

  • - BDSMdatingonly
  • - Fetlife
  • - Collarspace

Spend plenty of time setting up your profile so that it properly reflects you and what you are offering. Also make sure that you have at least a few quality pictures. The more work that you put into your profile, the more real you will appear to potential cash pigs.

6 Beginner Tips For New Money Mistress

Have Quality Photos

Having some high quality photos ready for creating profiles, sending to potential cash pigs, and to change up your profile photos regularly. If you can, have someone else take the photos with a high quality camera so you do not just have a collection of selfies. Although, having a few selfies can also be great.

Make sure to take photos regularly as our appearances change and if you keep the same photos, people will notice that they don't change.

Treat it Like A Job

Treating your search for cash pigs like a job will help to ensure that you get cash pigs and they  take you seriously. Schedule when you release content if you are using a platform like OnlyFans, provide exceptional customer service, and more.

Having a calendar can help you to stay on top of commitments to cash pigs and to help you establish yourself as a great Dominatrix.

Learn About the World of Findom

You do not need experience to get into being a Findom but one thing that can make a big difference is if you spend the time learning about the world of Findom. Many articles and guides out there will give you all of the information that you need, such as terminology, proper etiquette, and various other things that you need to know.

Use Hashtags

Even if you just use your social media to get the word out about your Findom status, you should be using hashtags. Hashtags on your posts will bring people that aren't following you to your posts. Trending hashtags especially will bring you a lot of visits.

Make sure to research the hashtags by using Google.

Find Something That Sets You Apart

It is easy to say pay me now and then give something in return. Very few cash pigs will stay with a Dominatrix just because of this. You need to find something that sets you apart, develop your own personality as a Findom. Make sure that this starts to show through both in your site profiles and the first messages that you send.

If people notice that you stand out right after the bat you will hook their interest, just like a good book.

Be Smart

The content that you release publicly should be well thought out. While many subs like to be called names, some of those names are not things that you should be posting publicly. It may offend some potential subs but more importantly, some terms can break the terms of service for websites you are using to find cash pigs.

A good rule of thumb is to read through everything twice before you hit the send/submit/post button.

With this guide, not only will you be able to find a cash pig but you will know how to get the cash pig once you find them. After you have read through the guide you can go out there and find some fun. If you have any other tips, make sure to leave them in the comments for everyone else.

by FindomWebsites