Pay Pig vs Sugar Daddy - The Difference Between Financial Domination And Sugar Daddy Relationship

Kink and domination is a large world with a lot out there to consider. A common term that you might hear in the world of domination is a pay pig. It isn't uncommon for this to be confused with a sugar daddy. The two are quite different though. Let's take a look at the difference between the two.

What Is A Pay Pig?

A Pay Pig

A pay pig is a type of Dom/sub relationship or BDSM relationship. These relationships have a person in power, the Dominant, and a person who obeys the dominant, the submissive. A pay pig plays the role of the submissive in a financial domination relationship.

Financial domination is the act of allowing a dominant to control your money and ask for money from you in order to do tasks. These relationships can be virtual, happen in the physical world, or be mixed between the two. It all depends on what each party is looking to get out of the relationship.

Pay pigs come in all varieties. Some are just looking for occasional encounters and only looking to have a portion of their money controlled. Others are looking for something more long term. In the most extreme cases, a financial dominatrix controls all of a pay pigs spending and money. They take anything that isn't for the bills except for a small allowance.

Why Become a Pay Pig?

A common question for those who are interested in financial domination is why are they interested? The answer varies from person to person but in general, the submissives enjoy the lack of control or being exploited/humiliated. The dominants like the money but they also like the feeling of being in control and power.

As the name would imply, most pay pigs get humiliated and degraded as part of having their money controlled. That can include name calling, having to do tasks, getting nothing right away, or any number of things.

Is Financial Domination About Sex?

While financial domination has sexual activities involved sometimes, they are not required. A lot of professional financial dominatrixes maintain relationships with pay pigs without having any sexual interactions. That being said, the relationship is defined by those who engage in it.

When findom relationships are sexual, they often include other aspects of the BDSM world.

Where to Find Financial Domination?

A lot of sites on the internet have arisen to support financial domination. You can find financial dominatrixes and pay pigs on sites such as webcam streaming sites, chatrooms, dating sites, kink communities, and more. The more reputable of a site that you pick, the more likely you are to be safe and enjoy yourself.

Financial Dominatrix as a Job

Financial dominatrixes can enjoy what they do simply for the fun of doing it. However, there are plenty of findoms who engage in the activities as a career. Like any other dominatrix that works online, in person, or over a webcam, they maintain a professional relationship with clients and offer a variety of services.

In general, financial dominatrixes that appear on webcam sites and escort listings are professionals while those who are in chat rooms or dating sites are doing it more for the fun.

Some Key Facts About Financial Domination

A key difference between a pay pig and a sugar daddy is that a pay pig can be of any age as can a financial dominatrix. In almost all cases, a sugar daddy is an older man and a sugar baby is a younger woman. Typically sugar babies are younger women, especially college age women.

Pay pigs will also tend to pay less than a sugar daddy. A sugar daddy will maintain a longer relationship and pay for grand things such as trips, tuition, cars, jewelry, clothes, etc. Keep in mind that this is in most cases, not all.

When a pay pig pays money they aren't necessarily getting what they want back. They are paying for the privilege of interacting with their financial dominant in most cases. In sugar relationships the reward for paying is straightforward. Keep in mind that just because it may seem like a pay pig is getting nothing in return for their money, they are getting the experience and are often getting more than that. It just isn't always what they were expecting to be.

What Is A Sugar Daddy?

Sugar Daddy

A sugar daddy is a guy who has a large amount of money who is looking to pay money for a mutually beneficial arrangement. In fact, it is often referred to as an arranged relationship because it is about the agreement, not about having feelings for each other. In fact, in a proper sugar daddy relationship, feelings shouldn't be a part of the relationship.

Sugar daddy relationships come in a wide variety of different styles. Some sugar daddies want a physical relationship for example, while others just want to have someone to spend their time with. No matter which way it is, the sugar baby is getting paid to provide a relationship not getting paid for sex or anything sexual.

Why Do People Want Sugar Relationships?

The reasoning varies for why exactly a sugar daddy wants to seek out an arranged relationship but it all comes back to the fact that the man is looking for some form of relationship. Some common reasons include: being too busy to have a traditional relationship, they have lost their partner and just want someone in their lives, and/or looking for something their partner no longer offers them.

Sometimes it is simply the desire to have someone regular to talk to about things that matter to them.

Where to Find Sugar Relationships?

A variety of different sugar daddy dating sites exist out there. All of the sites make it clear that the sugar relationship is not prostitution. As dating sites have become more and more widestream, sugar relationships have become more popular and thus more people are learning that they are about more than just sex.

One of the most well-known sugar daddy sites is Seeking Arrangements. The company has now simplified the name to just seeking.

Some Key Facts About Sugar Relationships

Part of being in a sugar relationship is discussing the relationship before getting together and coming to an arrangement that all parties can agree on. This means that every relationship is literally custom tailored to the parties involved, no two are the same.

Sugar relationships tend to be harder to find than financial domination relationships. This is because of the higher cost to a sugar relationship. Many sugar daddies are very well off while a pay pig can come from any economic background. Using sugar dating sites helps to give you the best chances of finding a sugar daddy as many of them offer financial verification to ensure you are talking with someone who can be a real sugar daddy.

Another big difference with sugar relationships is the fact that they are less discrete. While some sugar relationships are discrete, there are far more sugar couples that spend time in public than pay pig/dominatrix couples that spend time openly in public. Both relationship types have received scrutiny over the years though.

A sugar baby never demands more money from their sugar daddy. The two have an established agreement that they work off of. In general, pay pigs do not have a completely set guideline for money. They will often set limits but those limits can be pushed and the money comes when the dominatrix asks for it.

As you can see there is a difference between the two different styles of relationships. The one big similarity is the fact that both types of relationships can easily be found online. Both types are also equally rewarding relationships and if you are interested in either we highly recommend exploring them more.

by FindomWebsites