3 Hardest Parts of Findom

Financial domination, better known as findom, is often thought of as an easy payday. Simply find some guy online that wants to be dominated into giving up financial control and you've got yourself a great way to earn money.

Add in the fact that a lot of findom activities happen online, such as on video chat or instant messaging, and it is seemingly easier than ever. You don't need to dress up in the dominatrix gear, there are limited physical interactions, and you can do most of it from home.

Simply log in online, start humiliating some guys, and you've got your next paycheck covered – it couldn't be easier!

Of course, this is all far from the truth, as there is a lot of hard work that goes into being a successful findom! Yes, it's a great way to earn money, but that doesn't mean the work is easy! Let's take a closer look at some of the hardest parts of findom:

Hardest Parts

Creating Daily Content

Any findom dominatrix needs to put time and effort into creating daily content. In doing so, she ensures she has a strong brand that advertises her domme services to any prospective paypigs.

Findom is increasingly competitive, meaning paypigs have a lot of options for where to find good findom experience. A lot of dommes are making high quality content that allures new clients, so there is a certain standard of work you need to achieve.

This involves daily content management, like updating profiles, posting on Twitter and Instagram, taking photos, chatting with current clients, and various other roles of a domme.

So, it's certainly not a case of logging online for a few hours and doing little work – the best dommes are working long hours each day to earn their money!

Finding Your First Paypigs

Paypigs are a rare breed and given how much competition there is from other dommes, finding your first paypig is often challenging. Most paypigs won't spend any money the first few times they interact with a domme, as they want to get a feel for both her personality and what she offers.

This means established names in findom are always more likely to snag up a paypig, as they have a good reputation so paypigs can expect a quality service. Given the amount of money they are spending, it's understandable that most paypigs want reliable service that satisfies their kinks.

So, newer dommes tend to struggle getting those first few paypigs! They don't have the reputation needed to instantly attract new clients, so will need to put in the time and effort chatting with potential paypigs.

As a result, it can take time to start making regular money from paypigs when starting out in findom. You need to put the hours in to find those first few pigs, which helps establish your profile and should help spread your brand.

Learning How to Findom

Findom sounds too good to be true for some people. Simply find someone online, start dominating them, and then get paid – how hard could it be?

Well, very hard in truth!

Financial domination is a fetish that shares many similarities with other kinks within the BDSM niche. There are distinct roles, power dynamics, and unique kinks that people want explored using specific methods.

So, to be successful in findom you need to understand what people like about being financially dominated. You need to know what turns on each client, why they like it, and how to best cater to each client's unique kinks.

For example, a paypig wants to be financially dominated, meaning they take on a submissive role, like in many other BDSM niches. This means you need to understand what type of submissive things they like, and how finances are tied to this, such as verbally humiliating them into giving you a payment.

Each paypig has unique things that turns them on, so you need to research the various kinks and fetishes that are common within findom. It's not the most widely known BDSM niche, so finding out how to properly findom can be very challenging at first.

Consider reaching out to other dommes to see what services they offer and help understand some of the common kinks and practices involved in the fetish. Plus, simply talking with clients about what they like can help better understand this – which is why it's important to put the hours into the work!

You can't go into findom without knowing what people are looking to gain from the experience. Otherwise, you'll be offering a poor service that most paypigs will avoid.

by FindomWebsites