4 Common Misconceptions About Findom

Financial domination, better known as findom, is a BDSM niche that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Findom involves a submissive person, known as the paypig, being financially dominated by a dominant person (called a domme) into giving them gifts and/or money.

The fetish is quite unique, with the main arousal for subs being dominated into giving up control of their money. That said, it does share aspects with other types of BDSM with sub/dom dynamics, such as erotic humiliation to help achieve arousal.

As a result, a lot of misconceptions have developed around findom. A lot of people get things wrong about the fetish, so let's take a closer look at some of the biggest misconceptions around findom.

Misconceptions About Findom

It's Easy Money for Dommes

The reason a lot of new eyes are on findom is because people think that it is easy money. Because financial domination often involves no physical interactions, with most of it happening online or over the phone, people think that dommes aren't doing much work to make their money.

You don't need to dress up like a dominatrix, bind or gag the sub, and you rarely need to see the sub in person. It's just a case of finding random people online, insulting them, then getting paid.

This couldn't be further from the truth!

While findom encounters do happen mostly online, it does involve a lot of time and effort from the dominatrix. It involves talking online for an hour, doing some humiliation, or going out to spend someone's money while they listen over the phone.

They are providing a service for paypigs, so there are expectations of what that involves. As each paypig has their own tastes, this often means a lot of different work keeping all their clients satisfied.

All paypigs want to be financially dominated but this requires work from the domme! Dommes need to understand what aspects of findom their clients like most, using this to develop a close relationship where the paypig feels satisfied from their financial domination.

This all takes time, effort, and a unique set of skills for a dominatrix. This means they are certainly working hard to earn their payments, so don't expect it to be an easy payday!

Non-Consensual Transactions

One big misconception around findom is non consensual transactions. The idea that a dominatrix simply takes what she wants from a paypig without needing to ask. This is entirely untrue, as all findom transactions are 100% consensual.

In fact, a good dominatrix will discuss boundaries with her clients', including what they are willing to spend. Plus, paypigs need to send money or gifts themselves, so it is impossible for a domme to simply take their money without any consent.

Remember, paypigs are paying to explore their unique fetish – they still retain control over what money is spent!

All Subs Pay Huge Amounts of Money

There are all kinds of stories online about dommes getting paid huge sums of money, often in a single day. It could be thousands of dollars from a single session or getting part of their paypigs actual salary, with some dommes raking in a six-figure income from their work.

While some of the top dommes undoubtedly make a lot of money from their work, it's far more common to make the bulk of their money from lots of small payments from various clients. Tributes, either gifts or cash, are not always worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Most dommes make a varying amount of cash from multiple clients. Some paypigs will cough up a lot of money, while others are likely to spend less $100 per session. So, while it is possible to get big payments, its more likely for a domme to get lots of smaller payments from multiple paypigs.

This is why working in findom is not as easy as most assume! You need to put the time and effort into developing a strong client base, as not everyone can afford to pay big bucks each time that they want to experience financial domination.

You're more likely to find success in findom and making income from lots of smaller, regular payments from several paypigs at once.

It's Just Paying for Nudes

A common misconception about findom is that it's just an expensive way of paying for nudes. Funnily enough, most findom interactions don't involve nudes, as that's not where any of the arousal comes from – the whole turn on comes from the financial domination!

Most paypigs aren't interested in nudes from their domme, as they get turned on from being submissive. A paypig is more likely to get turned on by a domme spending their money than paying for nudes!

While some dommes may offer nudes, such as during an online session, it's far from common and one of the bigger misconceptions about findom.

by FindomWebsites