Looking for A Findom Community? Here Are The Top 5

Financial domination, also called findom, is an increasingly popular subculture of BDSM. In findom, a submissive person, called the paypig, loves being financially dominated by a domme or mistress. The domme dominates the paypig into giving her tributes, which are usually cash or gifts for her to enjoy.

The paypig gets off on being financially dominated, while the domme gets herself a nice payday and lots of gifts bought. It's a great dynamic for both parties, making the findom community one of the most exciting BDSM subcultures to explore.

Looking to explore the findom community for yourself? Here are five of the best places to start!

Findom Community

#1 BDSMdatingonly

BDSMdatingonly is an online community on the various BDSM subcultures, including findom. As users on the community are mostly familiar with BDSM, you'll find all sorts of kinky people looking for findom fun, including paypigs with money to spend and lots of gorgeous dommes.

Affordable and easy to use, paypigs using the community will have plenty of spare cash thanks to the affordable prices. This means there are a lot of new paypigs flocking to the site, so it's already establishing itself as one of the leading findom communities in online dating.

#2 AshleyMadison

AshleyMadison is a dating community famous for extra-marital affairs, bringing together wealthy men and beautiful women looking for all kinds of naughty fun. It has become a diverse dating site catering to all kinds of kinks and fetishes, including a growing number of people looking for findom.

Because AshleyMadison requires male members to pay to use its features, you get a lot of wealthy individuals using the community. A growing number of these are interested in findom, with financial domination sharing many similarities with the sugar daddy dynamic that's popular on the community.

With most of the male users having a large disposable income, it's become one of the best findom communities. It not only features lots of paypigs but also some of the most popular dommes working today!

#3 AdultFriendFinder

AdultFriendFinder is a casual dating and swinger community where members are looking for no-strings fun. Users are open minded and generally very kinky, with a lot of people interested in BDSM. This includes a growing number of paypigs and dommes looking to connect on AFF.

Live chat features make it easy for mistresses and dommes to advertise their services, with paypigs flocking to the community. A robust search feature makes it easy to connect with dommes and paypigs, allowing you to easily meet fellow members of the findom community.

A strong blogging community within the site also helps newer people explore the unique aspects of findom. There are guides, articles, and chat rooms to help you delve further into the world of findom in a safe environment.

#4 Fetlife

Fetlife is a social networking community with a unique twist – members are into fetishes, kinks, and BDSM!

Think of it as the Facebook for fetishists, bringing together communities from all types of BDSM and kink niches. Naturally, this has led to many people interested in findom checking out Fetlife, which has a welcoming community that celebrates all kinks and fetishes.

This means you'll be able to chat with paypigs looking to spend their money or find plenty of gorgeous dommes to financially dominate you!

Because it is not a dating site in the traditional sense, Fetlife is a great place to explore the findom community. There are over 10 million users that are into all kinds of kinks and fetishes, with the focus of the website being to explore these with like-minded individuals.

Plus, you can join for free, and most features don't cost anything, so there's more money for paypigs to spend! This also makes it a good place to start exploring the findom community for the first time without needing to commit to a paid membership.

#5 FindomWorld

As one of the few dedicated findom community, FindomWorld is home to one of the most thriving findom communities online. The site is home to all kinds of dommes and mistresses offering their findom services, making it a good place for paypigs to start their search.

There is an entire section of the site dedicated solely on findom, with new paypigs and dommes joining regularly. You can join as either a domme or paypig, with the ability to create a unique profile that caters to your unique preferences.

Dommes can join and receive tributes and payments through the site, while paypigs can apply to be a slave to a specific mistress. As a paypig you can send tributes, receive tasks and orders from a mistress, and buy content like videos and photos from your domme.

Domes can choose what paypigs become their slaves, hand out tasks, and receive lots of tributes from numerous users. It's therefore possible to make a lot of cash as a domme, while paypigs enjoy financial domination from an experienced mistress.

by FindomWebsites