Bratty Findom: What Does It Mean to Be a "Brat" in a Findom Relationship?

Are you interested in exploring the world of financial domination? It's an increasingly popular fetish within the BDSM community, with all kinds of unique dynamics that many people want to experience.

Bratty findom is a subset of findom where the dominant partner, known as the domme, has a bratty personality. Brats are common in other BDSM relationships, but the role of the brat in findom is quite unique.

Let's take a closer look at bratty findom and what it means to be a brat in a findom relationship!

brat findom

What is Financial Domination?

Financial domination, known as "findom," is a fetish where a submissive person enjoys losing financial control to a dominant partner. In most findom dynamics, the sub is a male while the dom or domme, is a female.

Basically, it's guys that get turned by women that take control over their finances in some way.

Findom shares many similarities with other BDSM fetishes. For instance, there are submissive and dominant roles, power dynamics, roleplaying elements, etc. The unique part of findom is that the submissive and dominant roles are defined by financial control, while there is often little sex or nudity involved.

The sub gets all their erotic satisfaction from being dominated into giving up financial control.

What is a Brat in Findom?

As with other BDSM relationships, there are various types of sub and dom roles in findom. For example, the submissive partner may be a paypig, while the dominant partner might identify as a goddess, princess, or even a brat.

A bratty dom is unique to findom. Traditionally in BDSM, brats are a type of sub that enjoys challenging their dom into submitting them. They may work for their dominance, challenging them throughout their play sessions together.

In findom, brats are the dominant partner, so the dynamic is often different to those in other types of BDSM relationships. Findom brats do have similar attitudes to other BDSM brats, such as being spoiled, self-centered, entitled, etc.

The main difference is that a brat in a findom relationship uses their bratty attitude to submit their partner financially, rather than being submitted themselves.

What does a Bratty Findom Do?

The main purpose of a brat in findom is to dominate her sub, usually called a paypig, into giving up some form of financial control. For example, a domme might coerce her sub to buy her sexy footwear, lingerie, or even send over cash!

In findom, when a paypig eventually gives up financial control, it's called a tribute. Again, these can be cash tributes or gifts. The amount you get in a tribute will also vary depending on the sub, how long you've been in a findom relationship, and how much effort you put into dominating them!

Being a brat in findom usually means the sub likes being dominated by someone with a bratty attitude. They probably get turned about by being financially dominated by someone who is self-absorbed and entitled.

So, most bratty findom will berate and humiliate their paypigs into receiving tributes. They might use insults or throw tantrums, generally showcasing a bratty attitude while interacting with their paypigs.

This could be screaming at them to buy a new pair of shoes or a sexy dress, or generally demanding that they spend more money on them. In many cases, a bratty domme will not be satisfied with some of their tributes, demanding more from their paypigs due to their self-entitled attitude

Does a Bratty Findom Meet Her Paypigs?

No, in most cases, a bratty domme never needs to meet her paypigs in person.

In fact, most findom relationships are completely remote, with the domme connecting with her subs via online chat, texting, phone calls, video calls, etc.

So, if you are interested in trying your luck as a bratty findom, then chances are you'll never need to leave the comfort of your home!

It's one of the most appealing aspects of the fetish, as you could make some serious cash and act out your brattiest tendencies without leaving the couch.

Of course, that doesn't mean being a bratty findom is easy work. You do need to put in a lot of time and effort into dominating the mindset of your paypigs. The more often you dominate them, the better you understand their preferences, allowing you to submit more financial control from them.

Also, some paypigs may want something beyond just being mocked or humiliated into submission. For instance, a paypig that sends a tribute to buy his domme clothes or lingerie may want a picture.

How to Dominate as a Findom Brat

As previously mentioned, there are various ways that a bratty findom may dominate her sub. A good bratty domme should aim to use different methods depending on each paypig, as everyone has different kinks and preferences in their findom relationship.

For instance, a brat could threaten to extort her paypig unless he submits financially. Maybe she has embarrassing photos or text messages, which she could threaten to publish online unless he pays tribute.

Another form of financial submission is taking control of her sub's finances. She sets a budget for her paypig, such as by giving him a weekly allowance to spend. If he goes over the budget, he'll need to beg for more money.

A common type of domination in findom is demanding gifts. As a brat, the domme can use her selfish and bratty attitude to constantly demand gifts. Even if she receives gifts, she might want to berate her sub for not buying her enough or spending too little on her.

Most subs are happy to reward their bratty domme for their services, as they get a lot of satisfaction from being dominated financially.

Other ways to dominate a paypig could be fines for bad behaviour. If a paypig isn't spending enough money or breaking rules, the domme can demand more money, larger gifts, or any sort of financial punishment.

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