6 Rules For Being A Paypig

If you are someone who is into the idea of being a paypig, then naturally, you want to appease your dominatrix. Nobody gets into the world of financial domination (findom) without having the desire to make their dominant partner happy. However, given the power dynamics of being in a findom experience, you want to make sure that you do everything right to enjoy the experience and satisfy your dominatrix.

To help you make the most of the experience, here are some useful findom tips to ensure you can be a good little piggy. Stick to the below tips, and you should find it a bit easier to go ahead with being a paypig. Getting this stuff locked down is very important because it ensures that both parties will have a good time. Your financial dominatrix will be happy you played by her rules, and you will be satisfied.

Before you start looking for a financial dominatrix on those online findom sites, consider the following ideas. This should make it easier for you to enjoy the experience and keep your findom happy. It's not easy, especially at first, but sticking to the following rules should ensure that both parties enjoy a happy and harmonious experience.

Paypig Rule

Show You Mean Business

First, many paypigs get into the experience without being truly committed. You might message with a findom but then bottle it when it comes to giving them their payment. So, make sure that if you are going to do this, you show tribute.

Findoms get messages from lots of guys on a daily basis; if you don't show tribute and show you are serious, good luck getting a response. Send a gift card or a token, something that shows you are serious about making this experience pay off for both parties. You don't want to be put down as a useless timewaster, so show you are serious by adding some tribute from the get-go; that's how you get attention.

Address Them Properly

Every findom will have a title that they are very specific about you using. If you don't use that, you'll get abused or, worse, ignored. Stick to the agreement: the whole idea here is domination and complete loss of control. So, make sure that you play the role of paypig properly by addressing them as asked.

Avoid making a fool of yourself by using the wrong title. Check their profile before you even message them and ensure that your first message, and every message after, addresses them with the demanded title. Even a gift card won't save you from getting their title wrong!

Never Talk Back

Your findom will likely give you a command – you need to follow it to the letter. If they ask that you buy them a product from a certain website, don't 'suggest' a cheaper site or an alternative. This marks you out as a loser. You are told where to get things from most of the time, so stick to it. Avoid any backchat because you will just make yourself look like an idiot – you go exactly for what they ask when they ask.

Any deviation from this is a surefire way to make sure that your findom ends the experience. No matter how much you have given them so far, fandoms expect you to be completely in the thrall of their every command. OK, so you can buy the same thing for 20% less elsewhere: that's not what you were asked to do. Play by the rules and never talk back.

Pay Your Dues Promptly

Some findoms will go out and buy what they want and then tell you to make the payment – do it NOW. Even if you are busy at work or you are with your wife or whoever, get it paid immediately. Findoms will give you the tiniest window of response to make sure that you pay. Unless you have the most unique excuse imaginable, a findom is not going to give two hoots what your excuse is.

If they have paid for something you are to pay for, you better give it back immediately. This is all part of the experience, so don't mess around here.

Set The Limit

Unless you are dealing with a very unreasonable findom, every dominant personality will allow you to set a strict limit. When setting the limits, make it clear what is too much for you. They don't know what your limits are until you set them out. Be clear about this, and don't try to overdo it; remember, this is supposed to be fun. Don't try and overdo it in a bid to impress them: you will never impress them.

Stick to these rules, and you should be more likely to enjoy your experience. Findoms are not going to mess around, so keep these rules in mind and you should avoid disappointing or getting dismissed by the person you want to dominate you financially – and maybe more.

by FindomWebsites